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Watermelon: A Useful Horticultural Crop with Nutritional Value

Fruits contain a concentrated amount of natural components. These natural components are plant-derived materials that play an important role in maintaining human health, particularly in disease prevention, growth, and development. Phytonutrients, particularly those derived from fruits and vegetables, have recently gained popularity as a result of consumer awareness of their health-promoting potential. Watermelon is classified […]

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Seedling Thickening

If, like most gardeners, you want to have good, full rows of plants, you should probably thin some of your vegetables, flowers, and herbs. -What exactly is “thinning”? Thinning is prepared by planting seeds more densely (that is, closer together) than you want your plants to grow. Allow the plants to grow for a week […]


What should be viewed when sowing seeds? ​

What exactly is Sowing? Sowing is the act of burying seeds in the ground. The right measures should be followed during this agricultural procedure, such as maintaining the proper depth and distance, and the soil should be clean, healthy, and free of illness and other diseases like fungus.All of these measures are required for seeds […]



Having difficulty getting your seeds to germinate? Don’t give up; we can assist you! Here is a listing of the most common reasons why your seeds may not be germinating, as well as solutions to these problems. 1)Light: Some seeds require light to germinate, while others require darkness. 2) Planting depth – If the seed […]